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Energy Management

Novo Energy provides an Energy Management service that covers all areas.

Our people are always on hand to ensure that any energy related matters or requirements are addressed and resolved.

This gives our clients the reassurance that they have the support and expert advice necessary to deal with any energy related queries.

Novo Energy provides three main Energy Management services:

Novo Energy will conduct a historical audit of all energy bills to develop a client usage report. Any erroneous charges will be investigated and our administration team will confirm that the correct charging tariffs have been applied.

A dedicated account manager will then work within a team to develop a monthly reporting file and recommendations based upon client requirements and risk profile.

Our team will actively manage your energy requirements ranging from invoice reconciliations to being nominated account managers for CRC submissions and carbon purchasing. Your dedicated account manager will be available at any time to assist and resolve any issues you may have.

Pro-active & Problem Solving Approach

Energy Audits

Novo Energy will undertake a full in-depth historical audit of your energy bills (up to 6 years).

Our analysis will cover:

  • Opening and closing read confirmation.
  • Correct usage being calculated and anomalies investigated.
  • Fixed charges analysed and confirmed.
  • KVA level and rate analysis.
  • Calculation correctness (Calorific value conversion and bill summation).
  • Carried forward balances.
  • VAT .
  • Applicable deductions(Charity status, EGC’s).
  • CCL charges and exemptions.
There are historical errors to be found in almost every case and our experts and in-house legal team will aim to recover 100% of these costs.

Energy Reduction

Novo Energy provides technical and specialist advice to UK businesses on how to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Our team of advisors as a starting point will collect and audit your energy bills and data. This enables us to produce a historical overview of your energy usage, direct carbon emissions and costs.

Novo Energy using your historical data will produce recommendations on how to monitor, control and reduce energy consumption with little or no capital expenditure within your company.

For a further detailed analysis our in house engineers will perform a site visit to produce a bespoke desktop report covering where you consume the most energy and how to reduce it. We can also provide support regarding financing and technical equipment sourcing and installation (solar panels, voltage optimisation units and insulation). For each energy project the capital requirements and financial incentives can vary considerably. We provide support throughout the entire process to meet projected costs and timelines.

Administration Support

Novo Energy will manage your energy data on a month to month basis, collating and checking all invoices and data sources to ensure the correct amounts are charged.

Our account managers will highlight any anomalies and large usage variances compared to the previous month’s usage and previous year comparative month’s usage.

This enables our clients to take immediate action. Our dedicated account managers also help to resolve any bill disputes or meter issues you may have and will ensure you are provided with complete support should any energy related issues arise.