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Energy Sustainability Policy

Energy Sustainability Policy: Reducing your direct and indirect carbon footprint.

Novo Energy will help you to achieve a real sustainability policy that not only creates a carbon neutral organisation but meets and exceeds industry standards. Novo Energy’s expert team can help you to achieve your environmental goals across the entire company from educating staff to implementing large renewable projects.


At the heart of any sustainability policy is the purchasing of green energy. This not only reduces the direct carbon footprint of a company but demonstrates a real environmental commitment to investors, clients and stakeholders. Novo Energy are one of the UK’s largest purchasers of green energy and can advise on pricing points and ideal lock-in conditions. Our team also advise on tax exemptions applicable when purchasing green energy.

Novo Energy will calculate your company’s carbon footprint and monthly usage patterns. Knowing how much energy a company consumes and when the energy is consumed enables us to help a company develop meaningful KPI’s and targets.

A strong sustainability policy requires buy-in from the entire organisation from front office to back office staff. Novo Energy will produce an employee manual that will provide all staff with energy saving initiatives and will undertake learning seminars to educate key site managers on optimum control settings.

Novo Energy will calculate your Indirect carbon footprint both under Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. Our team will then assist with purchasing approved carbon credits and delivering shared schemes to ensure your indirect carbon footprint is reduced.

Novo Energy’s technical engineers can assist with delivering large scale onsite renewable energy projects. From initial feasibility studies to ensuring payback periods are achieved our team has delivered for some of the UK’s largest companies including the UK’s largest independent pharmaceutical company and real estate company.