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Our Services

Complete Energy Solutions

Tailored solutions, supported by the active involvement of our dedicated account managers, together with our leading industry experts.


Novo Energy provides three main services:


Our Approach:

We will collect energy data made available to us and provide you with a preliminary desktop analysis based on the collected data of your current energy rates and energy usage.

An account manager will be dedicated to you to discuss your requirements and the best implementation strategy suitable for your business.

An in-depth historical audit may be conducted (up to 6 years) and any recharges will be organised by our dedicated team.

We will manage your energy accounts on a month by month basis and provide you with reports on energy usage and costs as well as highlighting any anomalies based upon the historical audit.

Our people will provide support to you throughout the period that we provide a service to you. This way we provide solutions to any of your energy usage problems or concerns.

We will make available to you market data where needed for your informed decision making. We may also present to you any relevant and identified market opportunities or identified risks.

Our Process:

An overview of our business process is summarised below. Please contact us and speak to one of our advisors for further information.

  • Client authorisation and risk profile guidance.
  • Credit review and underwriting options.
  • Dedicated account managers assigned.
  • Historical audit of all energy bills and data.
  • Desktop analysis and sector benchmarking.
  • Recommended energy purchasing, reduction and monitoring strategies.
  • Implementation and active management of clients portfolio for Year 1.
  • Monthly energy and CRC reports.
  • Market price and non-commodity price tracking to achieve pricing points.
  • Energy tracking to achieve usage reduction points.
  • Advice, quotations and contracts (internal annual improvement review).
  • Active management of clients portfolio for Year 2.