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Why Choose Us

Innovation is at the heart of Novo Energy.

We are a leading UK energy consultant recognized for our client centred approach, pricing ability and innovativeness.


Our experience is tailored towards providing unique company wide reports and analysis as well as specific accounting and financial solutions to managing energy.

Our Key Strengths are:

  • Expert energy traders with significant experience at buying wholesale energy.
  • Large client base and buying power.
  • Strong energy supplier relationships.
  • Dedicated account managers with immediate response times to client queries.
  • Strong government bodies and energy sector relationships.
  • Expert CRC advisors for CRC policy development and implementation.
  • Cutting edge technology.

Energy Purchasing

  • Full implementation and support for an energy purchasing policy suited to your business.
  • Complete support and advice during the contract term with a dedicated account manager and pricing expert.
  • Live daily energy trading screens are analysed with reports produced covering wholesale trading activity. We predominantly cover the UK NBP Gas market (National Balancing Point) and the UK OTC physical power market (spot or over-the-counter market) to ensure real time data is provided and clients can be informed of increasing or decreasing energy prices immediately.
  • Tracking of commodity and non-commodity costs to highlight optimum lock in periods.
  • Access to direct wholesale market prices.
  • Bond management and underwriting to prevent deposits.
  • Proven track record in managing all types of UK Businesses from large industrial users to multi-site operators.

Energy Management

  • Dedicated account manager and data analyst.
  • Monthly forecasts compared to actual data.
  • Complete administrative support (invoice validation, bureau servicing, meter reads).
  • New connections, meter upgrades/ downgrades and free smart meter installations.
  • Interface and issue handling with all energy suppliers.
  • Bill dispute advice and settlement negotiations.
  • Support for newly acquired sites including back dated contracts and support for disposed sites including change of tenancy forms.
  • Energy management training and staff manuals.
  • Managing agents and recharge policy to tenants.
  • Emergency gas or electricity issues such as investigating leaks or usage interference immediately.

Energy Regulation & Compliance

  • Carbon footprint calculation.
  • Annual report submission.
  • Evidence pack guidance.
  • Carbon credit ordering and surrendering.
  • Open market carbon credit price analysis.
  • Unique software to produce required reports.
  • Early Action Credits: Renewable Obligation Certificates, Feed In Tariffs and Electricity Generating Credits.
  • Improving league table position.